Barbados Property Investment at Rockley

Are you interested in a Barbados Property Investment at Rockley? You should be! This new development is situated at the entrance to Rockley Golf & Country Club and offers buyers FIVE three storey blocks. Each block consists of two and three bedroom condo units and there will be 12 three bedroom and 27 two bedroom condo units in total. Here’s a rendering of the exterior of this development:

What are the square foot areas of these luxury Rockley apartments?

The 3-bedroom units will average 1,800 square feet of floor area and the 2 bedroom units will average 1,300 square feet of floor area each.

Click the images below to have a look at the floor plans of these condo units:

How do you purchase a Luxury Rockley Villa?

At signing of purchase agreement  — 10.0%
At the start of construction — 20.0% (Start date no later than March 1st 2020)
4 months after start date — 20.0%
8 months after start date — 20.0%
12 months after start date — 20.0%
15 months after start date — 7.5%
On the Completion Date—2.5% (or such later dates as the Architect may certify in writing to the purchaser)
Please note: Payment of the 2.5% mentioned above of the Purchase Price will be held in escrow by the Vendor’s attorney-at-law.

Are there any Common Fees associated with ownership?

Yes, please see below:

1. Fee per 3 Bedroom Unit

  • 1,400 monthly/16,800 per annum
  • Number of units: 12
  • Total monthly: 16,800
  • Total per annum: 201,600

2. Fee per 2 Bedoom Unit

  • 1,100 monthly/13,200 per annum
  • Number of units: 27
  • Total monthly: 29,700
  • Total per annum: 356,400

Total Fee Income: 46,500 monthly/558,000 per annum

For more info please click the link below to view the full listing and arrange a viewing!

Buy at Rockley Luxury Villas, Rockley Golf & Country Club, Christ Church.