Adams Castle Estate

USD $ 60334

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Adams Castle Estate offers land for sale ranging from 6,384 to 25,568 square feet and located in Christ Church, Barbados. This land development has been ideally configured as a secure residential community with fixed entry points, wide verges and comprehensive street lighting to maximize safety and is locates on the South coast of the island. Adams Castle Estate offers two easy to regulate access points for vehicles with secure gates at both these entrance and exit points, and within the community, play and picnic areas have also been set aside for residents and their children. Should it become desirable to create a gated community in the future, residents of this South coast development will find that all the infrastructure is already in place to regulate access while streets, verges and common areas will always be maintained as well lit and safe areas for your family. Lots range from approximately 6,613 square feet to 24,400 square feet Prices range from USD $70,000 to USD $150,000. Please review the price list on the attachment below. Please review the attached document for the updated availability and price list.


Gated Community, Kids play park, Land area: 3684 sq. ft. to 25568 sq. ft., Residential neighbourhood.

Region: South


Rowans Lot 153*

USD $ 150000 

Yorkshire 21*

USD $ 1650000 

Coral House, Gibbes*

USD $ 2500000 

Apes Hill Great Hill Lot 1-24*

USD $ 325000 

Vuemont 238*

USD $ 295000 

Foursquare 36

USD $ 230 / Per Night

The Tudors*

USD $ 575000 / Sales Price

Rowans Park 183*

USD $ 425000 / Sales Price

Cottage Crescent 37*

USD $ 92850 / Sales Price