ClutterEver feel bogged down by all the bits & bobs that keep accumulating in your home? We’ve put together 4 super easy steps for you to follow to achieve a clutter-free home:

1. Make a plan

Decide what part of your house requires the most de-cluttering. That room YOU avoid at all costs is your starting point. Write a list in the order of which room is to be tackled and pin it to your fridge.

2. Give yourself a timeframe

(And not the kind that got you into this mess in the first place!) Estimating the time you can spend on each area will help you to achieve your goals sooner rather than never…

3. Actually start de-cluttering

Create 3 piles; one for charity, one for the trash and one for you to keep. To clear up any confusion, let me elaborate…. Those items that evoke nostalgia quickly followed by this thought: ‘Geez, I didn’t realise I still had this!’ goes to charity. If you forgot you had it, it’s clutter. Trash is any item faded, stained, mouldy, broken etc. You keep any item you will wear, use or is valuable.

4. Don’t be discouraged

Take a few coffee breaks, eat an energy generating snack after lunch and persevere through that clutter. Do not, and I repeat, do NOT stop. Mental promises to continue de-cluttering the following day are prohibited.

Here is some motivational ammo to be repeated when required…

Achieve the below in just 4 easy steps…
Before and after

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