Satellite imageryStatistically, Barbados is kissed or hit by a hurricane every three and a half years.

Most pass us as tropical storms and the average years between direct hurricane hits is once every 20 years.

Barbados is very fortunate when it comes to dodging the eye of a hurricane. Our most recent hit by Tomas was in 2010, which according to statistics, means Barbados should not be affected again until 2014… (Source: Hurricane City)

That said, you should ALWAYS be prepared at the onset of the hurricane season, which is right about now…

Keep in daily check with cyclone activity via the Hurricane Centre and take the following precautions:

Remember that a hurricane is an extremely destructive force that should not be taken lightly. Always make sure you are well prepared in advance of the storm. Take the time to discuss emergency plans with your family and increase your chances of surviving a deadly hurricane unharmed.

Here’s a chart if you’re into tracking hurricane activity: Atlantic Hurricane Tracker Chart

Click here to view the hurricanes in our past…

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