Here’s a brief history of how Island Gold Realty Ltd. and Fairways Real Estate Ltd. started and merged…

Island Gold Realty and Fairways Real Estate

Island Gold Realty and Fairways Real Estate is the coming together of two real estate companies with a dedicated, friendly and efficient team. With over twenty years in the real estate business we pride ourselves on being a first class establishment with “go the extra mile” customer service. Your total satisfaction is our number one priority and our online and offline marketing programs will give you the edge to sell or rent your property.

Fairways Real Estate Ltd. was started in 1988 when the Foursquare cluster at Rockley was launched, with Barbara Allan being the sales agent for the original owners of Fairways Real Estate. Barbara sold these Foursquare units with great success. The company started with sales only and gradually developed into rentals, re-sales and management of properties mainly at Rockley and then spread to cover all aspects of real estate in other parts of Barbados.

Island Gold Realty Ltd. was started in 1998, 10 years later, and employed Paul Allan as the project manager of the Gunsite Development in Brittons Hill. Paul also ran the sales, re-sales, rentals and valuations for the then owners, to cover all aspects of real estate in other parts of the island. This was preceded by Paul working on the West coast for several years with Alleyne, Aguilar & Altman (now Altman Real Estate) where he gained valuable sales experience whilst the island enjoyed a true real estate boom. Paul was involved in projects such as Royal Westmoreland, Sugar Hill, Port St. Charles and Old Trees.

Island Gold Realty and Fairways Real Estate then joined their portfolios in 2003 to become Island Gold Fairways with mother and son taking control. Paul and Barbara lead the successful merge of the two companies with a team of dedicated staff some of whom have been with both companies from their beginnings.

We are firm believers that the greatest asset of our company is our staff. Every member of our team is committed to providing outstanding service and support. Each individual is genuinely dedicated to helping you enjoy your property either as an owner or as a guest.

We trade as Island Gold Realty but may be referred to sometimes as Island Gold Fairways.

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