Come Rain or Shine, Barbados Beats the Rest

What are the things that come to mind when you think ‘What would it be like to live in the Caribbean?” Well, we can tell you that come rain or shine, Barbados beats the rest.

What’s so special about our little island in the sun?

For starters, the beaches are stunning. The West coast of the island boasts crystal clear, blue water, white sandy beaches and thriving coral reefs ideal for snorkeling. The South coast offers an array of gorgeous spots, some perfect for surfing, others made for kite surfing and even more for swimming. The East coast water is more turbulent and whilst there are some spots for wading, this side of the island has some of the most popular surf breaks. The South East coast is more wavey and the right condition for boogey board enthusiasts, whilst the North coast of the island offers many cliff side spots to watch the crashing waves powering onto the cliff edge.

As one of the more economically stable islands in the Caribbean, Barbados also offers an infrastructure which the current PM is successfully rebuilding. Are you thinking of relocating? Get in touch with a local advisor to find out what options you have as with an International or Caricom status.

Barbados is also known for its cuisine. Both local and international restaurants are lined up all along the coasts and vary from inexpensive casual fair to luxury fine dining.

Where’s your favourite place to eat while in Barbados? Here are a few eateries/bars we would recommend:

  1. Ju Ju’s Beach Bar (West coast)
  2. La Cabane (West coast)
  3. Pepenero (West coast)
  4. Buzo (South coast)
  5. Blue Pineapple (South coast)
  6. Round House (East coast)
  7. Eco Lodge (East coast)
  8. Cutters (South East coast)
  9. Pier One (North coast)
  10. Animal Flower Cave (North coast)