Here’s how to update your space and make it more “pretty” without breaking the bank…

In reality we cannot all afford a fabulous interior designer to design our homes or update a space when we get bored of it and let us face it eventually we will get tired of looking at the same thing day in and day out. There are some simple, creative and cost effective solutions that can transform a space. Something to remember however is neutrals are always a good base when it comes to large pieces of furniture and even wall colour. You can easily add pops of colour in accessories which can easily be swapped out.

1. Fabric

The possibilities are endless when it comes to fabric. Not only are there a number of options in terms of colour, print and texture but fabric can be used to recover sofas, make new curtains and cushion covers. Cushion covers are the most cost effective option because they require the least amount of yardage and can be easily created.

Update your space-Fabric

2. Paint

Another way to change the identity of a room is by re-painting it. Neutral colours are always a safe bet and if you are looking to create impact, paint a feature wall a different colour or make use of painters tape and get creative. Paint is not only limited to walls however, you can repurpose old furniture, accessories or the back of a bookcase with a new coat of paint to bring them back to life.

Update your space-Paint

3. Plants

Never underestimate the worth of a good indoor plant or fresh flowers. Plants require a little bit more maintenance so if you aren’t ready for that extra work treat yourself to fresh flowers or go into the garden and trim leaves to put in a glass vase.

Update your space-Plants

4. Lighting

Natural light is always important and where possible you should draw back curtains and open shutters to let the light in. Another way to add a bit of character to a space is by using other light sources other than the obvious ceiling lights. Lamps and pendants are not only functional but can serve as a good accessory. LED lights with adhesive on the back can also be used and are a great affordable alternative to recessed lighting. Put LED lights in the top of a bookcase or to highlight items of interest.

Update your space-Lighting

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